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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Movie Masters Ledger Joker - REDO!

So I finally got my hands on a Movie Masters Joker. I saw what a lot of people had done with this figure to help sell it more as Ledger, and I really wanted to try.
After opening the package and getting a good look at it, I suddenly realized how good people like idiotist, timshinn73 and missharleyquinn's customs using this base really were.

I felt the face needed some work so I built up the upper lip to the nose (corner of the nose toward the corner of the mouth - the smile lines or nasolabial folds) and the scar there, then the rest of the scar had some extra sculpting to add to it. I also reshaped the face, then cut (most importantly I dremiled back the hair at the part), and re-sculpted areas of the hair.
Then the head got a complete repaint. I added skin tones to the wrinkles and perimeter of the makeup as well under the chin and jawline, as well as added to the lip stick areas. I then when over the hair using a brown at the roots them going over with shades of green. Darker green as a base coat, then light ones dry brushed over top to catch a highlight look.
I also gave the shoes several dry brushed coats of different shades of brown and tan, to give them a more dirty look.
The head, as some of you may know either from owning this figure, or by reading reviews, is off kilter. I wanted to take one of the marvel legends style neck wheel joint and make a replacement, but I didn't have any to spare, so I replaced where the ball joint was and the depth to increase posability and give him more than one look.
I hated the hands so I took a pair of Spider-man 2 Doc Ock hands altered them so the pointer finger was separate to serve better as the trigger finger for some gun accessories. Then I gave them some purple paint coats sealing them off with a gloss finish to get the shine of the new gloves he was sporting in the movie.

I can't believe the time I spent on his cranium, mostly because of waiting for something to dry so I could sculpt something else or get to painting something else.

Thanks for the views!

Okay, a couple of side notes and commentaries...

So this is one of my favourite customs. I have to admit I love looking at him on the shelf, posed revealing the bombs in his jacket to a recoiling Movie Masters Batman.

I still really want to get my hands on a Movie Masters jail cell Joker as well. They are still pretty pricey so I'm keeping my eye out for the right deal, and then it will be mine! MUAH HA HA HA!

Uh, right... Anyway I had been waiting for a trade for this figure, and it just wasn't happening. In the meantime, motivated by a discussion I had with fellow customizer Whiskey Tango, I started tried my take on a Ledger style Joker using no Ledger Joker parts with what fodder I had.
Strangely enough just as I finished that up, my wife snagged me the original release of the Movie Masters Ledger. then I was off to the races!

I've had a couple of these heads sent to me as commission pieces since, and every time I really enjoy working on them, just as much as I did when I first got my hands on it.

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