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So here it is, I'm a graphic artist and illustrator located in Canada. I love animation, comics, sci fi, fantasy, movies, and music. On my spare time I customize action figures for the fun of it. My customs mainly focus on comic and movie characters, but that's not all I do. I'm an articulation nut, so the more the better, one of the reasons I love working with Marvel Legends and DC Universe figures.

On this blog, I'll be giving the lowdown of what I'm working on, what I'm thinking about doing, and how I plan to take over the world (all super heroes and would be vigilantes, please disregard this site).

If you have any questions, comments, or inquiries please feel free to email me at: pulpyfiction@gmail.com

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

6 Inch Black Series Darth Vader Upgrade!

The 6 Inch Black Series Darth Vader Needed a lot of help.  He had a great start, but needs some tweaking to be just right.
I heated and reshaped the silver and black armour at the shoulders and neck to concave in more.  So he would actually have a neck, and the armour wouldn't protrude so far out.
I got him multiple hands and opened up the plug holes to make them easily swappable. 
I re-tailored the chest robes, and fixed where it becomes... a skirt? 
I repositioned the cape and the chain. to correct position. I also painted the chain to the appropriate black. 
I also made him a new size appropriate lightsabre, added a hook on his belt to hold it (I know it's not completely cinema accurate for where the sabre affixed to the belt, but I made a concession with that to have it be able to attach to the belt. 
Besides where the hook is on Vader's actual sabre, it's too small to replicate properly, and keep it functional.
He got a new size appropriate head, so now he has multiple heads.  The new masked and helmeted head was constructed from a Darth Vader Epic Force statue's head, where I extended the neck and affixed it to the existing ball-joint.  I shaved the helmet off a epic force Vader, as it was way to small, cleaned it up, and then fit the black series Vader helmet to where I liked it.
Finally, I gave him some new paints to tie it all back together.

Thanks for checking him out!

6 Inch Black Series A New Hope Princess Leia

 This custom was a lot of fun and was a project I did with my wife!  Thanks Sarah!
She is a Black Series Slave Leia Base, with her lower legs swapped out for some DC Select women's legs with accurate boots, that I repainted white.
I made her blaster she has on her ship as the Imperial forces attacked at the beginning of the movie.
My wife sewed her dress, and helped me when I re-sculpted her hair, giving me pointers as to how it should look, and how the bun is accomplished.  Then she got the full repaint treatment, just to get her more cinema accurate.

Thanks for checking her out!

6 Inch Black Series Bespin Luke Skywalker Upgrade!

First off I want to thank Greg Glassman of Glassman Customs.  The first and regular Luke base head is a reduced sideshow Luke he has on his site.  Here is a link to his site where you can find it:  http://glassman.customjustice.com/
I added some extra hair to help with the Empire Strikes Back look Mark Hamill was supporting at the time.
The battle damaged head was an Epic Force reworked.  I also added a handless wrist I sculpted for the battle damaged look as well.
To match it all together I repainted him.

Thanks for checking him out!

Pulpy's EMPIRE: Series 2 Emperor Palpatine

 Palpatine was build on a DC Direct Dr. Sivana figure.  With robes from a Crouching Tiger Li Mu Bai figure, and Darth Maul's extra hooded head, sans the Maul head.  It replace the previous hood which was made from a reworked DCUC raven figure.  He has multiple hands, one set is an open fingered pair from a sota Street Fighter Gen figure.
The second is a new electrified pair from a Spiderman movie Electro figure, repainted to get the flesh tones over top.
As seen in the first photo he has an electric energy accessory, I don't know where it's from as it was a find from a great used toy shop in Hamilton ON. I suggest you check out called Kool Stuff.  They are on facebook and online @ http://www.koolstuff.ca/  Thanks Jeff for the help finding this!
As for his head it was a re-sculpted ML Loki head.  I'm pretty happy with the likeness.
I have to admit he is pretty stiff, and he will NEVER take his throne, I made him really more of an accessory for Vader, but I feel like I want to try him again using soft goods so that he can have his throne built, and take his rightful place upon it!  

Thanks for checking him out!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Pulpy's EMPIRE: Series 2 BOSSK!

 Bobsk was made using an Unleashed Bossk head, arms, torso, and accessories.  I attached DCUC Jonah Hex legs to the Bossk torso, giving it a swivel joint where they meet.
I made a ball joint for the base of the neck where it attaches to the torso to articulate the head.
I made sockets for a pair of movie Doctor Octopus arms, and attached the Bossk lower arms to the Doc. Ock arms via swivel.  I know they look long but I assure you I checked to get the right length for scale.  He does have really long arms!
I added the ammo belts to the bottom legs, and sculpted the reptilian legs over a pair of Jakks wrestler boots to gt the swivel ankle.
The gun was cobbled together with fodder parts.

Thanks for checking him out!

Pulpy's EMPIRE: Series 2 COMIC BOOK Darth Vader!

 Since I started these so LONG ago, way before the black series got going.  I'm going to finish up posting my last few of these.

This one is more or a comic version of Vader as the mask is not cinema accurate, and he is a tad on the muscular size.  He's made with a DCUC standard male base, with sculpted padded leather.  His shoulder pads, boot tops, belt, skirt, chest panel, cape and masked head are scalped from a Force Battlers Vader.  The sabre hilt is from Corey Garza of the casting cave.
The unmasked head is from a random figure, and I sculpted over trying to get a likeness of Sebastian Shaw, and getting the scars as accurate as well.  I also sculpted the lower part of the mask, with some fabricated details.

Thanks for checking him out!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

TV Arrow's Slade Wilson a.k.a. "Deathstroke"

Slade Wilson A.K.A. "Deathstroke"

Custom Type: Action Figure

Toy Series: DC Collectables
Base Figure:  Original Arrow Appearance Deathstroke
Height:  6 inches
Articulation: 30

I made this for the first appearance of Slade in the Deathstroke costume, and I'm just getting to posting him now.  He's a special favourite in my collection because I love the character in the show, I'm a huge Manu Bennett fan, and I'm loving Arrow as a show in general.

The figure is a reworking of the Original Appearance for the character's updated look, plus better articulation.
The crotch and upper legs are from a hasbro infinite Red Skull.  Arms were replaced with a dcu ted knight starman's.  The new mask is from the arkham figure, that has been reworked to be more accurate to the tv appearance.  His unmasked head was a wrestler I reworked to get a Manu Bennett Slade likeness I'm quite happy with.  I added armour and correct gear, and then repainted for screen accuracy.

Sorry about the picture quality the pics are from a loaner.

Thanks for checking him out!

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Dark Knight Dynamic Duo - Batman & Carrie Kelley Robin

The Dark Knight Dynamic Duo - Batman & Carrie Kelley Robin

Custom Type: Action Figure
Toy SeriesBatman
Base Figure:  DCD TDKR Batman/Piledriver -DCD TDKR Robin/X23
Height:  6.5 inches - 5 inches
Articulation:  25 points/23 points

One of the most quintessential Batman Books of all time, Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns is perhaps my personal favourite. I liked the DCD versions, they look great, but I needed better articulation. So this is what I came up with.

Batman- I took the DCD torso and fit the ML Piledriver arms and fit them in, and put the batman gloves on piledriver's forearms. Then I fit the crotch and legs into the Batman torso. I also added the tops of the batman boots to the piledriver boots and sculpted them to flush them together. I also added a balljoint to the neck for extra range of movement. Then I tied it together with a repaint.

Robin- Almost the same process as batman. I added a balljoint to the neck. Popped in the arms from x23 to the robin torso. However I added the robin sleves dremeled out over the x23 biceps. Then I added put the x23 crotch and legs to the Robin torso. I used DCU cheetah lower legs, and used DCU deadman feet for the elvan/pixie type shoes. Then I gave her a repaint.

Thanks for checking these guys out! 

The Dark Knight Returns Joker

The Dark Knight Returns Joker

Custom Type: Action Figure

Toy SeriesBatman
Base Figure:  DCD TDKR Joker - jakks wrestler
Height:  6.5 inches
Articulation:  25 points  

"They'll kill you for this... and they'll never know... That you didn't have the nerve... I'll see you in hell... HA ha Ha hA ha HA hA Ha ha!
I love this vision of the Joker. Lying dormant until his nemesis' return, and then he lets all hell break loose, in an all or nothing final final fight with Batman he goes out on his own terms, and sets Batman up for his murder. Even in death he screws over Batman!

So I took the DCD Joker apart. Fit the wrestler's lower body to the torso. Then I dremil fit the arms to the torso and added a ball join to the neck. I used the DCD Kubert Joker feet and dremiled them to fit a set of ball joint connected to swivels and fit them into the wrestler legs. Then finished him off with a total repaint.

Thanks for the view!

Arkham Origins Batman

Arkham Origins Batman

Custom Type: Action Figure
Toy SeriesBatman A. O.
Base Figure:  DCD A.O. Batman
Height:  6.5 inches
Articulation:  28 points 

 I like this concept for Batman a lot! The suit looks great, functional, and believable for a guy to be out busting crime in. I like the sculpt of this figure, he looks great, but I wasn't the biggest fan of his articulation.

He has x3 beast's hips and upper legs. I dremeled out the original leg arm and shoulder armour and he's literally wearing it over top. The shoulders of a tkd movie bats shoulders, batman begins biceps, 1st ml punisher arms, with the A.O. bats forearms grafted to them (with swivel) and added DCU Arkham City Bats hands (people think the arms look shirt, so these big hands really help with the proportion). Then I sculpted the extra gauntlet armour. Finally tied it together with new paints, and gave the armour that scraped warn/damaged look.

Thanks for checking him out!