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On this blog, I'll be giving the lowdown of what I'm working on, what I'm thinking about doing, and how I plan to take over the world (all super heroes and would be vigilantes, please disregard this site).

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

6 Inch Black Series Darth Vader Upgrade!

The 6 Inch Black Series Darth Vader Needed a lot of help.  He had a great start, but needs some tweaking to be just right.
I heated and reshaped the silver and black armour at the shoulders and neck to concave in more.  So he would actually have a neck, and the armour wouldn't protrude so far out.
I got him multiple hands and opened up the plug holes to make them easily swappable. 
I re-tailored the chest robes, and fixed where it becomes... a skirt? 
I repositioned the cape and the chain. to correct position. I also painted the chain to the appropriate black. 
I also made him a new size appropriate lightsabre, added a hook on his belt to hold it (I know it's not completely cinema accurate for where the sabre affixed to the belt, but I made a concession with that to have it be able to attach to the belt. 
Besides where the hook is on Vader's actual sabre, it's too small to replicate properly, and keep it functional.
He got a new size appropriate head, so now he has multiple heads.  The new masked and helmeted head was constructed from a Darth Vader Epic Force statue's head, where I extended the neck and affixed it to the existing ball-joint.  I shaved the helmet off a epic force Vader, as it was way to small, cleaned it up, and then fit the black series Vader helmet to where I liked it.
Finally, I gave him some new paints to tie it all back together.

Thanks for checking him out!

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