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Friday, January 24, 2014

The Dark Knight Dynamic Duo - Batman & Carrie Kelley Robin

The Dark Knight Dynamic Duo - Batman & Carrie Kelley Robin

Custom Type: Action Figure
Toy SeriesBatman
Base Figure:  DCD TDKR Batman/Piledriver -DCD TDKR Robin/X23
Height:  6.5 inches - 5 inches
Articulation:  25 points/23 points

One of the most quintessential Batman Books of all time, Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns is perhaps my personal favourite. I liked the DCD versions, they look great, but I needed better articulation. So this is what I came up with.

Batman- I took the DCD torso and fit the ML Piledriver arms and fit them in, and put the batman gloves on piledriver's forearms. Then I fit the crotch and legs into the Batman torso. I also added the tops of the batman boots to the piledriver boots and sculpted them to flush them together. I also added a balljoint to the neck for extra range of movement. Then I tied it together with a repaint.

Robin- Almost the same process as batman. I added a balljoint to the neck. Popped in the arms from x23 to the robin torso. However I added the robin sleves dremeled out over the x23 biceps. Then I added put the x23 crotch and legs to the Robin torso. I used DCU cheetah lower legs, and used DCU deadman feet for the elvan/pixie type shoes. Then I gave her a repaint.

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