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Friday, September 27, 2013

Pulpy's EMPIRE: Series 1 Chewbacca!

Pulpy's EMPIRE: Series 1 Chewbacca!

Name:  Chewbacca
Custom TypeAction Figure 
Toy SeriesStar Wars 
Base FigureChewbacca statue, ML Sasquatch, and DCU Grodd
Height:  7.20 inches
Articulation22 points

What a Wookie!
I know he's a little on the large side, but this is what I finally came down to after several versions, and he's the one I'm happiest with.
His torso is a Unleashed Chewie dremilled to fit the ball joints for arms and legs of a ML Sasquatch.
His lower arms are DCUC Gorilla Grodds because I loved the sculpt and wanted that popeye arm furriness that chewie has.
I had to build the bowcaster from an incomplete one from the Unleashed figure that was sculpted into the figure.
The bandoleer was also from the Unleashed figure!
Then a lot of different browns, dark beiges, and rusty tones for layers, highlights and low-lights for fur.
I know he's not perfect, and he's a little on the tall side, but I've always loved Chewie since I was a kid, and I'm super stoked to have finished him!
Thanks for checking him out, and RRRAAAAAGHRURAGHRUUUURRR!

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